Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knitten Knits!

Yay! I have knitten [this is a cross between kitten and knitted] TWO Kitten Ears head bands! The red one will be for a friend (called Kitten) and the Black And White one is mine!

The red is done with two different yarns - blakc ACK, and this funny 'fun yarn' stuff...100% un natural! It was interesting to knit with - but it looks good. Its just done in stocking stitch - and it has streached a little out of shape, but this was my first go at a Kitten Knit so nurr.

The blakc is done with 100% wool, seed/moss stitch, and the ears are thicker so they stand better than the red ones. The white is ACK sock yarn - so its pretty soft and thin. I think the blanket stitch around the edge is a nice touch :)

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Taphophile said...

Those cat ears are deceptively cute! Can't wait to see the shrug all sewed up. :)