Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have a couple of stuff that is OTN [on the needles] or about to be. Firstly i have Marley's Ghost Chain Felted Scalf...thing!!!
  • Here
  • is the pattern on knitty. And here is my one in the making

    Im working on 4 needles *gasp* its lots of fun :)

    I am also working on a
  • beanie
  • with cables. oooh aaaah. I have just done a practice of the cable band - its pretty cool, and easy and fun!
    I need to pick out some yarn for the beanie etc then i can get cracking

    Another little thing i have started today - done in seed/moss stitch, with this really cool yarn thats has kool colours....I think ill make a scalf and put one of those butterflys from Stitch and Bitch Nation on it. so cute!


    happyspider said...

    wow! so many photos! so many links! my mind is reeling!
    i love love love those kitten ears! you look SO cute in the black ones (aaawwwwww) im allowed to say that because we both know you have claws to go with them.
    are you going to be cat woman at my party?

    Jejune said...

    Your Blog looks GREAT Othlon, and I adore all the cute kitten pics too - what a talented girl :) My very own knitting demon...

    0thlon said...

    Yes cat-woman will be at your party! And it will be awsome. Jeff likes the cat ears to - i dont know if that's kinky or cute :/

    happyspider said...

    dont know if i want to know if its kinky or cute :p