Tuesday, December 12, 2006


knitting knews~

knitting 4 socks at the moment, two of which are with yarn i have dyed.

knittting some scalfs as well, one is just some cute yarn andone with hand spun

still working on jumper, almost up to decresses for arm holes for the back pice

making me some new cat years.

oh and still have a bajillion other projects OTN im not working on much.

bad knews~

i havnt been knitting much due to really bad joint pain, not just the heat.

just got test results from a glutose tollerance test i did yesterday...and well...just... Fuck. Diabeties is highly probable right now. I will see doc tomorrow to see what the answers mean.

drugs i have been on for 3 months have done basically nothing. increasing dosage.

all this week except Friday i have some form of docters appointment.

good knews~

finished high school! for good! wooo

spinning wheels of fortune! well of brokenness, we're going to fix them and stuff, and one will be my christmas pressy! yay me

oh yeah, year ten formal! photos taken by my friend doug are here http://formal2006.deceptionauto.com/
if u wish to know who is who just ask, if not here then like, msn, or e-mail (jen at sutherland-studios dot com dot au)

peace out


Bells said...

Hey Jen

First up - great photos! You looked as gorgeous as I thought you would. Hope it was a good night.

Also, good work on all the knitting stuff - so many socks etc. Post pics some time?

Re the diabetes, that sucks big time. My best friend found out she was diabetic around your age and it was a huge shock. I really hope they manage to get your bloods stable and you get into the routine soon and without too much difficulty.


Jejune said...

Poor baby :( We'll work it out... life will go on. Just think, if it's treated, you might start feeling a whole lot better in general.

Yay on the knitting knews and good knews - you're going great guns!

happyspider said...

oh sweetie... it'll be ok. you have lots of people looking out for you and its probably a good thing to catch it now. it might be the beginning of you getting a whole lot better
hang in there and let me know if you want to talk
pen xo

0thlon said...

Thank you all for the supportive comments, and so quickly to!

Taphophile said...

Looking pretty good for an ill person, Othlon - you're gonna be dangerous when they stablise the sugars, babe.