Saturday, October 07, 2006

the orginal!

This is the orginal picture i used to make my farie!
yes, its me...In pink.....

it was for halloween last year, god how i love irony..

for those who do not know me in person, i am pretty well into the Gothic subculture.

I won prizes, teachers didnt reconize me, all because i dressed like a NORMAL person. It was harlarious!!!!!


Kate said...

OK, that is hilarious! I didn't recognise you either. If you ever adopt a 007 lifestyle, disguise will not be an issue for you. Looking forward to seeing photos of your WIPs. Going back into stealth mode now...

0thlon said...

hehe yes that day i walked around the mall and dint turn any heads. Except of the people i know ;P

i wont be having such a fun halloween this year - dr stuff..

thanks for the comment kate!

mwaaah, jen

Jejune said...

Aaah, I *thought* your fairy pose looked familiar. Yes, that was a Halloween to remember :)

Your drawing is coming along nicely - I think I like the green background better, but the shoes / feet will need to be made a bit more contrast-y (lighter perhaps) to make sure they don't fade away.

Bells said...

love your drawings othlon! Love them! Can't wait to see more!
i've only met you a couple of times but I wouldn't have recognised you either!

happyspider said...

that's classic :) and your fairy is gorgeous. i like the green background... so pretty