Friday, June 08, 2007


hello everyone...zombie Jenny here, sorry its been so long since I computer died and I now need to use this hate hate.

Not much kntting knews this time around, except that I gave my pencil-case hat to mu cousin Ruby :P and am planning to make a pretty new one.

college is a bit crazy...and for our amrican readers, college is grades 11 and 12 here, and runs sort of like a mini-university. I love my IT class, and have to kind of help teach teh class at times :/ teh teacher changes so much we no longer have one who actually knows HTML *unimpressed*. I have learnt to hate Divs with a great passion, as well as beat them into submission and turn them into my bitch! *shakes fist*

Cold weather is making my joints go nuts so not much knitting is being done. But a great oppertunity to show up kitted-opjects! Woot! I spend much of my time in my bed with the electric blanket on :P

Oh and this long weekend we are going to SYDNEY! Well the brther type creture has already headed up, me mum and dad are going on sunday! BIG CONERT WOOO!! At leats for me and the brother being! Shihad! Cog and fort!!! *happy excited jenny*

what else is new...oh yes the wool fest! that was super fun, we even got reconized by someone because of Lulu! how cool? i also got 500grams of merino fleece :D *spins around*

well i didnt sleep last night, and today was pretty hectic and not very pleasant, so thats all from zombie jenny for now!

Keep those kneedles knitting.
p.s. dont forget ur zombie plan!


Jejune said...

Dear favourite geeky arty strange girl,

Love the new Blog look, it's green!
You'll be back in Mac land before you know it, and beating those DIV tags into submission!

Hope your hands stop hurting so you can knit a new pencil case hat for the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition :/

Hope you can sleep tonight!

xo Mother God

PS My zombie plan is : wrap them in yarn until they fall over!

Taphophile said...

Just know you'll have a fantastic time at the concert - keep well and warm.