Wednesday, April 25, 2007

oh em eff geee

So, at the SnB at the club last night, i came to realize..PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ MY im going to try a little harder to post more. Weather this will work or not is a different story.

now in essence of knitting, ive updated my pattern. so like, check it out :P

my stat counter has been telling me ive been getting well and truly over 200 visits, even over 300 one day. Its crazy! woot for jenny *does a small dance*

and now....cute stuff.

Lily is the most photographed thing in the house. Understandably so, she is after all, ridiculously cute.

thats all for now folks!


Jejune said...

Very very cute puppy indeed!

And happy blog dance for lots of people looking at your pattern! Just think of all those people around the world who will soon have pencil cases on their heads ;)

Olivia said...

The updated pattern is great especially the photos. Congratulations! Love the earrings.

Janette said...

Lily is definitely too cute!