Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hello everyone! Im back from my holiday a bit earlier than planned but more of that later.

Firstly, thank you everyone for the happy birthday messages ^-^ I had a really nice, if not a bit stressful, day with all my friends who play Magic. All the food was diabetic friendly (big thank you to teh Mother God for that), and believe it or not it was all eaten up happily by the teenage boys! Shocking isn't it.

Now as many of you already know my mac book (pictures soon to come) is my main birthday pressant of all time from MG Dad and Ed (aka grandfather). So i wasn't really expecting too much on the B-Day. Man i had a HUGE shock.... I got 7, yes 7, things from Think Geek. I almost exploaded, and heres why:

Pretty freaking sweet ay? AND, and, AND!!! merino fleece and some fabulous sock yarn from germany (special thanks to G for getting that as well {you know who you are}). Pictures hopefully soon of all these funky things.

Anyhoo I would have done a birthday-related post sooner but on Monday (day right after my birthday lol) I left off with Moggy to Merimbula for a holiday with his and my relitives! His grandfather is actually a super-chef, and owns the Zanzibar Café there, so I got to have some amazing meals there...for free! It felt strange eating there and leaving without paying!
Anyhoo, I got to meet Moggy's dad, cousin Luke, and his grandparents which was really nice. Mog also got to meet my Oma who i was staying with, it was good fun.

Unfortuntally I had to come home today because my latest blood test has shown I have Type 1 diabeties. So understandibly I have to start on insulin and make regular visits to the hospital to make sure I'm ok, and to learn about insulin injections. Seriously sucky birthday pressant from the medical world :P Oh well, they are saying once we know how much insulin I need, I'll start feeling a lot better. So that means "yay"... I think

Moving on.
I've made a new webpage! Well more of an update. I'm really happy with this one, I even use Divs to do my bidding! Woot!

So here are some "previews"!

It will be up and running when i remeber my server, upload, FTP, password stuff...hehe

BAM...all hand coded...and those button imgs are hand drawn to...*proud*

hmmm....thats all I can think of right now. Buh-bye!
P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes you may have encountered during this post.


RachelW said...

The blog looks great - you're a wonderful writer! And the new website looks cool, too! Sorry to hear about your recent troubles - you sound like a real trouper, though!

kms said...

so sorry to hear about the 'types', best of luck getting it under control, and congrats on the majorly cute geek haul. have fun at the exhibit and look forward to the new website!

Caffeine Faerie said...

You're back! And ZOMG*Squee* at the Thinkgeek stuff. _sooooo_ envious! And isn't the common cold so cute>!

Loving the new website. Hand coding is the way to go! Hope they manage to get the right stuff for you and into you so you can be feeling and getting better. That was a seriously uncool pressie from Murphy, wasn't it?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the new threads you mom was bragging about on her blog tonight.

(Oh the Mac screenshots are just so geeky, its awesome). :p

Bells said...

ooh yes, leaving without paying is weird. I got to do that once and smoething felt weird - but good at the same time.

Big hugs re the diabetes. Lots of new stuff for you to learn about.

gemma said...

Crappy news about the second diabetes, glad you had a good time before the bad news hit.

congrats about your other website and your hat in the exhibition.

Jejune said...

So glad you liked the Think Geek pressies - it was great watching you open them, you nearly exploded!

Get that web site online, girl - it looks wonderful, want to see it 'in the flesh' now :)

And you're doing SO well with all the diabetes shit - the injections and everything. Brave girl. Infinity love, Mum