Saturday, July 14, 2007


Knitting for someone is very special I think. You knit every stitch for them, every single one. Now knitting for a commission, or for a deadline can be hard, because you didn't choose the pattern or have the excitement of finishing it for yourself. On the other hand sometimes your passion or love for the person you knit for can keep you excited about finishing it, and giving it to them! awwww

So, onto the point of this, I'm going to make a list of some people I have wanted to knit for for a while now, and this way I'll have a record to look back on and maybe keep me on track. I will just put down what I have in mind for people already, there are many friends and family I'd like to do something special for but I don't know what to do we go.

  • Morgan - riding gloves! He rides a lot, and has chosen a pattern already. Yay. Also thinking of making him a nice jacket/jumper with cables

  • Oma - I have already started some Bam Socks, I just need to finish them and send them to her.

  • Mum - I'm thinking some proper fingerless gloves, because she uses the computer a lot. But I have to learn how to knit them first! She has done so much to help with everything, I don't think any amount of knitted objects will really show my full gratitude and love.

  • Archer (Morgan's little brother) - He is just so cute I cant resist knitting a cute beanie for him!

  • Ash - Ash has been a great friend for the past couple of years, and I know he works a lot with computers so I think maybe some voodoo-wrist warmers would be good

  • Mick - Mick has also been a very good friend in the past 6 months I've known him for. He also plays magic so I want to make him a deck holder.

  • Rodger - this is thinking ahead a lot, but Rodg likes celtic knots a lot, so one day I will make him a cabled jumper, or socks.

Hmm there could be more. But I can't remember right now.

In other knews I've done a few injections now, slowly getting the hang of things. I still don't have the password stuff for updating my website, I think I'll just e-mail the admin.

Thanks to every-ones kind words to the latest bad news, I've been reading them on Mum's blog as well, she has been writing in more detail about what's going on.
Until next time! Buh-bye


RachelW said...

You know what's great about a list like this? Now you don't even have to complete the projects - it really is the thought that counts sometimes, and just knowing someone cares about you enough to WANT to make something for them - and describes why so eloquently - is a gift in itself! Glad to hear the shots are going well!

Bells said...

wow. comprehensive list my dear. You'll be a busy but much appreciated knitter with a list like that!! I want to learn fingerless gloves too.

And yes, your mum has been marvellous, hasn't she?

Michelle said...

You are so brave putting a lit together - I could never do it as it would stress me out and I'd be anti-anxiety medication for months!

So lovely to meet you the other night - and I loved those purple streaks! Totally suit you.

Jejune said...

Aaaaaw, thanks sweetie pie :) Love you too!

Great post, too - good luck with your list knitting!

kms said...

this is a very good idea, to plan ahead what you want to give people. i am terrible at promising things and then not getting around to them! i will be interested to see how you go with the actual making of said things. thats a whole other kettle of fish. hope you are feeling ok.