Friday, February 09, 2007

woot woot update! :O gosh

Thins I have learnt lately about knitting and stuff.!

- Knitting finger less gloves is harder than i thought.

- knitting and reading lace patterns is easy and fun :PP

- the spinning wheel is much easier than a spindle., and it is just as fun :PP

- college is very tiering

- the theater director dude at my college is an old friend :P lol

- i forget stuff easily.....umm i was gunna put more here...maybe later :P


Bells said...

i agree on all those points, except for the theatre director bit, cos I don't know him. :-)

Jejune said...

Good list, it's a good list. You're doing great at College - you'll get used to the schedule, and finding your way around, and it won't be so exhausting.