Thursday, February 15, 2007

Woot Woot again

Im knittng again... like lots. i know its hard to believe , but its true.

Im working on my jumper again, i have been commissioned to make a where's wally beanie, for a friend called, yep, wally. So im thinking a red, ribbed brim, long enuf to fold up....mmm any ideas?

Listening to cast on again too, much fun. Reading Small Godds, by Terry Pratchett, slowly :P

feeling that need to knit so many things, and feeling like there isn't enough time! in the day, week, months, year!!! eep.

anyway, trying to finish this sweater/jumper, so i can put it on when im cold, because thats what it will be for :P


Jejune said...

So does this mean your hands are hurting less? Is good sign.

Great that you're reading again, too - I think your brains are coming out of the medicated fog they've been in for the past four months. Happy brain dance!

Have you found a good Where's Wally hat pattern yet?

Anonymous said...

yay Othlon! that's great news. I loved your mitred squares made from your own handspun. I have been unable to get them out of my head and have been trying to decide what size I want to make - it's not like I don't have loads of knitting on the go already!

Don't forget to post a picture of Mrs Beetons when you finish them!