Friday, April 06, 2007

Demon Knit Designs

Its a big post this time around folks...i have lots of i might not post *here* but i will post website :O

thats right folks the long awaited "demon designs" isfinally starting...

you see we are learning HTML at of course i came home and am about 1000 x ahead of my class just by learning on my own. I even learnt how to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program thingy and my friend GAVE me a url thingy! He said he got a large one for his friends to use but none ever do, so i have my own spot on his server :3 he has also been a bit like a tutor, its cool cos its just on MSNN hehe.

dont worry mum u are still.going to be my MAIN tutor and guide when it come to HTML ;3

so here we go...hmm i can use HTML on here cant i?

Demon Knit Designs!

anyway im sleepeh now. Any feed back is much appricated! Oh and i found the colours (the text colours that is) dont work for what ever reason on firefox. If you would test out my pattern and send me the pictures and feed back that would rock :3

soon ill have like a home page with links to patterns and links and like this will be fun :D

later folks


Jejune said...

Well done Dotter! Very impressed by your abilities and amazed that you've got your own domain name, that is very cool indeed!

So - what other patterns can we hope to see? The Kitten Headband, I hope?

And I'm not too worried - you're doing quite well without me, but I'm happy to help out as your friendly Code Whiz Mum if you yell (FOR me, not AT me ;)...

Taphophile said...

Well done, Othlon - very proud of you.

What wool would I use for a pencil case hat?

Bells said...

oh I want my own domain name too! You scored. Well done.

Looking forward to seeing your progress. Hey I love that first line about putting it on your head. Made me laugh.

0thlon said...

hay thanks for the commenst :3 I used a just 100% 8ply for my 1st pencil case hat, Taph, but was kinda uncomfortable on teh fore head. the 2nd one i made was merino/silk, and i love it! So any yarn that u can stand to have on ur skin works a treat.

kms said...

im on firefox and it all appeared to work fine - hard to know if there are sposed to be colours where there arent any but yes all the text is black except for the link to the hat which was red! great to have a whole site tho and i love the hat, definitely on my list. the beret pattern would be good too :)

Rameshki said...


I would recommend you check out for tips and new ideas. The nav bar on the right of the page has links to both codes inc. HTML, JAVA and CSS and it also has design tips and ideas