Saturday, April 21, 2007

serious gloating time

dude....high five please!
that link should take u to Knitting Pattern Central - the Hat patterns directory :P where if u scroll down a bit u will spot..."# New! Pencil Case Hat " which will take your to, yep, my hat pattern :D

woot woot

ok she didn't just stumble across it and decide to use it, i asked her to put it up if it wasn't much trouble. so yeah..woot....hope u enjoyed my small incoherent post ..i think i need sleep x.x

oh will be putting up my cat ear head band patt up soonish. get that up on KPC to ;)


Jejune said...


Seriously impressed, Dotter!! I'll help you take some more pics of the hat tomorrow :)

Bells said...

that's fan-bloody-tastic.Yes, you are practically required to gloat over a success like that!

Do we have to treat you differently now you're a legitimate designer? he he

Taphophile said...

Congrats, Othlon - very well done indeed!

0thlon said...

thanks guys, hopefully there will be more gloating to come ;)

knittydoll said...

OMG this is too cool! Othlon rocks!! This is the best suprise ever- I stumbled accross your pattern through Daily Knitter and knew it was you! Big hugs :)