Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have a couple of stuff that is OTN [on the needles] or about to be. Firstly i have Marley's Ghost Chain Felted Scalf...thing!!!
  • Here
  • is the pattern on knitty. And here is my one in the making

    Im working on 4 needles *gasp* its lots of fun :)

    I am also working on a
  • beanie
  • with cables. oooh aaaah. I have just done a practice of the cable band - its pretty cool, and easy and fun!
    I need to pick out some yarn for the beanie etc then i can get cracking

    Another little thing i have started today - done in seed/moss stitch, with this really cool yarn thats has kool colours....I think ill make a scalf and put one of those butterflys from Stitch and Bitch Nation on it. so cute!


    *sigh* I have finally finished knitting my Shrug! Now all I have to do is sew it up and darn in the loose endy bits...

    It's pretty heavy. And it looks awsome! Its the eye-lashes [black] twined a gray yarn, giving it a good base and more body.

    here is a shot of the shrug-to-be. Just need to get around to this sewing business

    Knitten Knits!

    Yay! I have knitten [this is a cross between kitten and knitted] TWO Kitten Ears head bands! The red one will be for a friend (called Kitten) and the Black And White one is mine!

    The red is done with two different yarns - blakc ACK, and this funny 'fun yarn' stuff...100% un natural! It was interesting to knit with - but it looks good. Its just done in stocking stitch - and it has streached a little out of shape, but this was my first go at a Kitten Knit so nurr.

    The blakc is done with 100% wool, seed/moss stitch, and the ears are thicker so they stand better than the red ones. The white is ACK sock yarn - so its pretty soft and thin. I think the blanket stitch around the edge is a nice touch :)


    This picture was inspired by some BnW, 100% Alpaca, Humbug, handspun yarn, by the lovely Penny! It is my new baby and I am scared to knit it! *strokes Humbug*

    Isn't it cute? *sigh*

    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Jen's Knits

    Tada! Here is the long awaited blog of jen! Photos! Links! Knits! It's fantastic.

    Still getting used to this though. But when its up and running there will be awsome photos, including ACTION KNITTING SHOTS! [AKS!] And when i know what im doing....there will be LINKS OF AWSOMENESS [LOA!] And of cause other stuff.