Monday, April 03, 2006

Yarn Kitten


yes, i have been lazy. Lazy lazy lazy!!!
I will have photos. But not of everything because i cant find them to take photos, so too bad!


it looks like a bean now....But soon it will be like this!]KNITTY KITTY
thats right boys and girls. Colour. Isn't it cute :3

moving onto item 2

Tis drop-stitch scalf! I did it side ways. And isn't it purdy? Hehe. Well, i don't really do colour that well, and it is very frilly, so i gave it to a friend at school! And she loves it!! You should of heard her when i gave it to her XD she was so happy :D

Old News

i miss knitting u humbug *sniff*

My latest triumph

yes! lace up fingerless gloves! I even had to make some up - because the numbers in the patteren sucked - well it made it too big lol

but i only had yarn enuf to make ONE
and when looking for more yarn of the same make - they only had its in odd colours...

so there are ur pictures
i have also done a lot of work on the chain scalf! And i did a kitty eared hat beanie thing.
I dont remember if i have done anything else right now

untill next time