Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Many of you have been showing interest in my whittling, like how i do it and such.
Well i was going to post picture of them, but I have .... missplaced them. I have my darning needle though!


Anyhoo if u want to see some *really* amazing hand-made crochet cooks, Jimbo's Front Porch is perfect, he also has a tutorial how he makes his. I do mine differently but yeah, wanted to show you his site :)

Spinning stuff!

tada! Tea Time, i hand dyed some merino with tea and spun singles, and plyed it with some natural merino singles.

And the purple is my first silk! My Yarn Sister taught me how to spin with silk :D Thank you so much ^-^

School isn't to bad, Programming is still wait and see, Web Design is a bit...nurr lots of people >.< and Forensics should be awesome! We are going to do some fiber identifying :P And i told Helen (our AWESOME science teacher) how i am a spinner and knitter, and she is a sewer! So she likes crafty, fibery stuff and asked me to bring in some of my work :P yay!Sounds like knitting in her class should be OK ;)

ummm what else
Ah Updated my ravelry profile a bit, has pictures and yarn now :)

Ta Ta for now
Hugs and knisses (kisses+knit)