Thursday, May 18, 2006


oooh oooh I'm soooo proud! I knitted a glove WITH OUT A PATTERN!!
I did it all from memory of lace up fingerless glove, and it WORKED!
Lookie lookie!

I LOVE IT!!! Its done in like sock-yarn, so now I can use some sockyarn for things...hehehe. I will knit it differently next time, make it fit better etc etc. And maybe black ribbon,ooo or I could cast on with like black Marino and yeaaah.. But man I'm so proud. I knitted it off the top of my head, and it worked....Like, o-m-g guys.

Miss Penny gave me gifts! I can only find one atm so I cant show u my sock. I got a sock pattern that's really awesome, plus the yarn to knit it! Its pink and purple and really pretty and I love it...So I have knitted one of those, and two others in red for my mum on Mother's Day yay.
my yarn sister also gave me some kool boucle ! This I have pictures of.

one has ears because of my dog. So yeah that's 1 of 2 skeins. Yay for me. Thank you soooo much Pen oxox

I have more pictures!

I was sad to find that I don't actually have a nice decent scarf.. So I started to knit one! 50sts double rib, I call it "Lips" because of the colour.

I got this from the last SnB - isn't it amazing? Its cotton, the colour on here isn't very accurate to real life, but u get the idea. I even have enough to make a top or something...Its sooo nice...I cant believe I got it for free....I love the swaps basket!

Tada, I think its done. I don't know if ill felt it, if I do ill knit more links, but until then I still wear it anyway. Its a great thing to show off your 1337 knitting skillzo0rz :P People get very impressed by it

TADA cat ears! [I love this picture] This is 100% my own pattern, I didn't use a pattern from a book for the ears and stuff. Its the left over black Marino 10 ply from my cat hat [still need to find that]
The band is 10sts wide, seed st.

There are two types of ears. Type A is shown above, and Type B is different only slightly.


ears [make 4]
CO 12
row1; k to end
row2,4,6,8: [RS] k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
row3,5,7: [WS] p to end
row8: k1,ssk,k2tog,k1
row9: p to end
row10: ssk, k2tog
row11: k2tog
BO remaining st

u knit 4 of these ear 'bits' and Sew 2 together, with both RSs on the out side, leave the bottom open.

So now you have to empty ears, put a little bit of stuffing in them, only the smallest amount, and sew the ears onto the headband how ever you want. You might need someone to help you place them in front of a mirror, so u get them just how you want.


Knit like TYPE A, except of doing SSKs just do k2tog

The ones above are done in seed st instead of St st like above. But it doesn't really matter.
Type be picayune the ear has been sewn together with blanket St, and the back is black, and the front is white. These also don't have stuffing, I recommend it because it give the ear more body and they stand up better.

weave in ends etc and then u have cat ears! Yah

we have to write a creative writing piece for English ,and I have had such a bad time trying to think of what to write. So I just started to write about what ever came to mind, and I got this!


I was just laying in the sun purring after a nice lap of milk, when my content snoozing was disturbed by something rolling past. At first i thought, who dares interrupt my dozing?! So i opened my eyes to find out who did dare, when i saw what it was. Yarn.
I just couldn’t help it! I couldn’t take my eyes off the gorgeous, rich, forest green yarn! It looks so soft! So much you could do, hats, lace up gloves, hand bag, toys oooh the possibilities.
Wheeee! Infixed in the purity of a green globe of wool, made all from a single strand of fiber. Single stand! You can manipulate it how ever you want to make amazing things.
it feels so soft,on my cheek, between my toes, through my fingers, into my imagination....
I day dream and play with my yarn for hours. I awake from my trance to find i can’t actually move anymore. Problematic, what could be causing my constriction?! Ah yes, now i remember my antics with afore mentioned yarn. It wasn’t so much a ball anymore, but a giant tangle, with me in it.
I start to struggle around, my lust now becoming my potential doom! I could bite my way out, but i do not want to ruin such purrrrfect twine!
But is this so bad? Surrounded by such sweet sweet fiber. So comfortable....

yay for Ie
i drew a little picture on the paIer i handed in, it looked better that way.

i think thats all.