Friday, February 24, 2006


Im just in lan games right now [listening to KoRn woo], so no kitten picture.

I have been so lazy - you would prolly already know this, judgeing by the lack there of updates. I am working on my 1st sock atm, and i have alreayd done a mini sock! so cute. I love sock yarn!

speaking of yarn that i love, i FOUND a bag of yarn in the art stor room today. w00t. Mostly yucky stuff, but i found a ball of Zhivago !!!!! Tis an olive green. A whole ball guys! FOR FREE!

what else have i done recently....h yeha i did the Kitten ears beanie from Stitch And Bitch book. Umm.... Ive doen more links of the chain scalf, and uh....stuff...Oh yeah i started on a voodoo wrist warmer, Ish stripey.

I do not have ANY pictures. so too bad.

I know i prolly have done more but this is mainlt just to say im still alive! And knitting!

Oh eyah ive been knitting in school - hehehe it pns. Thats all for now