Monday, January 18, 2010

Annual Report

It would seem I try to start blogging again as a kind of 'new years resolution', my last post was about this time last year! Shameful I know, but I think that my lack of knitting could be the reason why I have not been posting.

I have knit basically...nothing in about 1 or 2 years, and I really miss it. I have still been spinning a lot, my ever growing stash of hand spun with no project to their name is rather impressive.

I wish I was able to knit again, and I wish I knew what is causing me so much trouble! Maybe my ADHD ways of being unable to finish something is a factor, or inability to decide on a project to even start! Or maybe just a while pile of 'stuff' going on in my life has been taking up my brain space. Either way it's laaaaaame XP

Perhaps this year will be quite different, I will be spending a lot of time on buses soon, I am starting study at AIE [Academy of Interactive Entertainment] in Feb which is just around the corner. I will be starting an Advanced Diploma of Professional Games Development [programming], and suffice to say I am outrageously excited about it! The campus is all the way out in Watson, which is about as far from out suburb as one can get and still be in the ACT :P

Hopefully I will post more about stuff in general, not just knit/spinning

singing out, Othlon