Wednesday, April 25, 2007

oh em eff geee

So, at the SnB at the club last night, i came to realize..PEOPLE ACTUALLY READ MY im going to try a little harder to post more. Weather this will work or not is a different story.

now in essence of knitting, ive updated my pattern. so like, check it out :P

my stat counter has been telling me ive been getting well and truly over 200 visits, even over 300 one day. Its crazy! woot for jenny *does a small dance*

and now....cute stuff.

Lily is the most photographed thing in the house. Understandably so, she is after all, ridiculously cute.

thats all for now folks!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

serious gloating time

dude....high five please!
that link should take u to Knitting Pattern Central - the Hat patterns directory :P where if u scroll down a bit u will spot..."# New! Pencil Case Hat " which will take your to, yep, my hat pattern :D

woot woot

ok she didn't just stumble across it and decide to use it, i asked her to put it up if it wasn't much trouble. so yeah..woot....hope u enjoyed my small incoherent post ..i think i need sleep x.x

oh will be putting up my cat ear head band patt up soonish. get that up on KPC to ;)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Here we go!

I am normally..very...very lazy when it comes to my blog. But pictures of my mariah in progress are high in demand! I aim to please. So here we go folks.

Work In Progress

close up

Like any self respecting knitter, I have modified the pattern to what I want. Instead of the SUPER PRETTY CRAZY MIND MELTING cables up the arm, I have decided (with advice from Mother God) to just continue with the cuff pattern. I'm very pleased with how it looks, even if you can't see the stitch definition very easily in the pictures :P

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lego Knitting Machine

shortbut sweet knew today.

this is very cool :P some guy made a knitting machine from lego :P itys slow and the sts are very loose but so clever!

Here is a vid - and a gallery here

oh and im also making that mum is also doing...i mgiht do a proper update these holz :P

Friday, April 06, 2007

Demon Knit Designs

Its a big post this time around folks...i have lots of i might not post *here* but i will post website :O

thats right folks the long awaited "demon designs" isfinally starting...

you see we are learning HTML at of course i came home and am about 1000 x ahead of my class just by learning on my own. I even learnt how to use an FTP (file transfer protocol) program thingy and my friend GAVE me a url thingy! He said he got a large one for his friends to use but none ever do, so i have my own spot on his server :3 he has also been a bit like a tutor, its cool cos its just on MSNN hehe.

dont worry mum u are still.going to be my MAIN tutor and guide when it come to HTML ;3

so here we go...hmm i can use HTML on here cant i?

Demon Knit Designs!

anyway im sleepeh now. Any feed back is much appricated! Oh and i found the colours (the text colours that is) dont work for what ever reason on firefox. If you would test out my pattern and send me the pictures and feed back that would rock :3

soon ill have like a home page with links to patterns and links and like this will be fun :D

later folks