Monday, July 23, 2007



Check it out! Yeah I am still lazy and just have Lorem ipsum on the home-page and about page :/ Im not so good with the writing stuff..

Anyhow i could write more about what I'm knitting, and put up pictures of my ninja being naughty, and my teddy bear and stuff....but I'm in a lazy mood right now.

Later folks!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Im working on Moggy's riding gloves. The "classic riding gloves" in the latest Yarn issue. Made the nice band with cables, picked up stitches, worked the 10 rows as they say to, all good, then they say: Begin working from cable chart for the back of the hand...." etc....Chart? Oh not on my scans! Ill just get the book....chart chart chart...uh, not on teh next page....not in the back...



I mean sure i could knit it without the cables, i *guess*, but he likes them! and the number of stitches is made to have cables....and and and...grrr. There's no reference as to where they are either! No url, no page number. I even read teh rest of the pattern carefully to see if it was in one of the other directions. Not there! I am positive about this, its not just because I'm stressed, tired, not sleeping well, and I miss morgan. They really aren't there.

help anyone?

now im going to (finally) go to sleep (hopefully)

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Knitting for someone is very special I think. You knit every stitch for them, every single one. Now knitting for a commission, or for a deadline can be hard, because you didn't choose the pattern or have the excitement of finishing it for yourself. On the other hand sometimes your passion or love for the person you knit for can keep you excited about finishing it, and giving it to them! awwww

So, onto the point of this, I'm going to make a list of some people I have wanted to knit for for a while now, and this way I'll have a record to look back on and maybe keep me on track. I will just put down what I have in mind for people already, there are many friends and family I'd like to do something special for but I don't know what to do we go.

  • Morgan - riding gloves! He rides a lot, and has chosen a pattern already. Yay. Also thinking of making him a nice jacket/jumper with cables

  • Oma - I have already started some Bam Socks, I just need to finish them and send them to her.

  • Mum - I'm thinking some proper fingerless gloves, because she uses the computer a lot. But I have to learn how to knit them first! She has done so much to help with everything, I don't think any amount of knitted objects will really show my full gratitude and love.

  • Archer (Morgan's little brother) - He is just so cute I cant resist knitting a cute beanie for him!

  • Ash - Ash has been a great friend for the past couple of years, and I know he works a lot with computers so I think maybe some voodoo-wrist warmers would be good

  • Mick - Mick has also been a very good friend in the past 6 months I've known him for. He also plays magic so I want to make him a deck holder.

  • Rodger - this is thinking ahead a lot, but Rodg likes celtic knots a lot, so one day I will make him a cabled jumper, or socks.

Hmm there could be more. But I can't remember right now.

In other knews I've done a few injections now, slowly getting the hang of things. I still don't have the password stuff for updating my website, I think I'll just e-mail the admin.

Thanks to every-ones kind words to the latest bad news, I've been reading them on Mum's blog as well, she has been writing in more detail about what's going on.
Until next time! Buh-bye

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hello everyone! Im back from my holiday a bit earlier than planned but more of that later.

Firstly, thank you everyone for the happy birthday messages ^-^ I had a really nice, if not a bit stressful, day with all my friends who play Magic. All the food was diabetic friendly (big thank you to teh Mother God for that), and believe it or not it was all eaten up happily by the teenage boys! Shocking isn't it.

Now as many of you already know my mac book (pictures soon to come) is my main birthday pressant of all time from MG Dad and Ed (aka grandfather). So i wasn't really expecting too much on the B-Day. Man i had a HUGE shock.... I got 7, yes 7, things from Think Geek. I almost exploaded, and heres why:

Pretty freaking sweet ay? AND, and, AND!!! merino fleece and some fabulous sock yarn from germany (special thanks to G for getting that as well {you know who you are}). Pictures hopefully soon of all these funky things.

Anyhoo I would have done a birthday-related post sooner but on Monday (day right after my birthday lol) I left off with Moggy to Merimbula for a holiday with his and my relitives! His grandfather is actually a super-chef, and owns the Zanzibar Café there, so I got to have some amazing meals there...for free! It felt strange eating there and leaving without paying!
Anyhoo, I got to meet Moggy's dad, cousin Luke, and his grandparents which was really nice. Mog also got to meet my Oma who i was staying with, it was good fun.

Unfortuntally I had to come home today because my latest blood test has shown I have Type 1 diabeties. So understandibly I have to start on insulin and make regular visits to the hospital to make sure I'm ok, and to learn about insulin injections. Seriously sucky birthday pressant from the medical world :P Oh well, they are saying once we know how much insulin I need, I'll start feeling a lot better. So that means "yay"... I think

Moving on.
I've made a new webpage! Well more of an update. I'm really happy with this one, I even use Divs to do my bidding! Woot!

So here are some "previews"!

It will be up and running when i remeber my server, upload, FTP, password stuff...hehe

BAM...all hand coded...and those button imgs are hand drawn to...*proud*

hmmm....thats all I can think of right now. Buh-bye!
P.S. sorry for any spelling mistakes you may have encountered during this post.