Monday, January 18, 2010

Annual Report

It would seem I try to start blogging again as a kind of 'new years resolution', my last post was about this time last year! Shameful I know, but I think that my lack of knitting could be the reason why I have not been posting.

I have knit basically...nothing in about 1 or 2 years, and I really miss it. I have still been spinning a lot, my ever growing stash of hand spun with no project to their name is rather impressive.

I wish I was able to knit again, and I wish I knew what is causing me so much trouble! Maybe my ADHD ways of being unable to finish something is a factor, or inability to decide on a project to even start! Or maybe just a while pile of 'stuff' going on in my life has been taking up my brain space. Either way it's laaaaaame XP

Perhaps this year will be quite different, I will be spending a lot of time on buses soon, I am starting study at AIE [Academy of Interactive Entertainment] in Feb which is just around the corner. I will be starting an Advanced Diploma of Professional Games Development [programming], and suffice to say I am outrageously excited about it! The campus is all the way out in Watson, which is about as far from out suburb as one can get and still be in the ACT :P

Hopefully I will post more about stuff in general, not just knit/spinning

singing out, Othlon

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Long time no see!

I have not posted in a long time! I have not been knitting much because my hands are so sore D-: But i have started a small project, some more car ears which will be good.

The main reason for my post is to let people know that i will be shaving my head this year, for the shave for a cure leukaemia foundation! if you would like to make a donation, you can go to my page here … ?SID=46591

any sized donation is great!
That is all for now, i might start to post some more ay? Crazy
xoxo jen

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Many of you have been showing interest in my whittling, like how i do it and such.
Well i was going to post picture of them, but I have .... missplaced them. I have my darning needle though!


Anyhoo if u want to see some *really* amazing hand-made crochet cooks, Jimbo's Front Porch is perfect, he also has a tutorial how he makes his. I do mine differently but yeah, wanted to show you his site :)

Spinning stuff!

tada! Tea Time, i hand dyed some merino with tea and spun singles, and plyed it with some natural merino singles.

And the purple is my first silk! My Yarn Sister taught me how to spin with silk :D Thank you so much ^-^

School isn't to bad, Programming is still wait and see, Web Design is a bit...nurr lots of people >.< and Forensics should be awesome! We are going to do some fiber identifying :P And i told Helen (our AWESOME science teacher) how i am a spinner and knitter, and she is a sewer! So she likes crafty, fibery stuff and asked me to bring in some of my work :P yay!Sounds like knitting in her class should be OK ;)

ummm what else
Ah Updated my ravelry profile a bit, has pictures and yarn now :)

Ta Ta for now
Hugs and knisses (kisses+knit)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

organization (with pictures soon)

THIS YEAR i will attempt to become more organized!
I have a diary, like the mini kind with dates, and a couple of lines if u have something on...
I have Ravelry
I have diabetes log book stuff
and i want to get a personal diary! And aim to write in it every day, but no biggy if i dont! This way i can write you know, good day or not or get rid of any of that excess angst i cant throw at people at school, and my pain levels! The main point of the diary is to have a record of pain stuff, like where and when and how much. etc.
I also hope that writing stuff down more will help with my whole brain-to-paper problems. I might also do a couple of my own essays on a subject i have chosen, because i struggle with them, so if i practice with stuff i like ill get better..


Knittery stuff.Well more spinning. i have been playing with silk and teh spinning wheel, many many thanks to Happy Spider for the lesson :D I have also done a couple of dyeing experiments, dyeing fleece with tea was fun, then ply the tea-singles with pure white singles, yum!

I still haven't found my drop spindle! *sad face* i miss it, its "somewhere in the garage!", doom.

Slowly knitting the shawl still..i forget how to spell it. I now have an infinite amount fo new projects i want to do thanks to ravelry :P But yeah knitting is slow. I made dad a cup cozy for x-mas, because he forget about his drinks a lot. And i improvised a dice holder for Morgan, but i don't have any ribbon for the drawstring still...Ah well, almost 100% :P

I have been playing with crochet, as you may know, still learning how to count stitches and identify one stitch and things, but im enjoying it. Not such a great online crochet community ive found, but i did stumble across a really awesome blog, crochet of distinction. Mindy uses beautiful Irish crochet, combined with knotting and tatting to create AMAZING jewlery! Very inspiring, fine work. Of course now i want to try tatting out :P Looks pretty.

Also been whittling! I whittled a few crochet hooks! Very happy with them, very easy to do :P I also made a darning needle for fun. I am looking for a good save whittleing knife but its been proving difficult.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Remember me?

hello! I am alive....
This is just a post to get me to actually UPDATE. I will try to get picture with finished projects and everything soon

Keep the needles going!

Monday, July 23, 2007



Check it out! Yeah I am still lazy and just have Lorem ipsum on the home-page and about page :/ Im not so good with the writing stuff..

Anyhow i could write more about what I'm knitting, and put up pictures of my ninja being naughty, and my teddy bear and stuff....but I'm in a lazy mood right now.

Later folks!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Im working on Moggy's riding gloves. The "classic riding gloves" in the latest Yarn issue. Made the nice band with cables, picked up stitches, worked the 10 rows as they say to, all good, then they say: Begin working from cable chart for the back of the hand...." etc....Chart? Oh not on my scans! Ill just get the book....chart chart chart...uh, not on teh next page....not in the back...



I mean sure i could knit it without the cables, i *guess*, but he likes them! and the number of stitches is made to have cables....and and and...grrr. There's no reference as to where they are either! No url, no page number. I even read teh rest of the pattern carefully to see if it was in one of the other directions. Not there! I am positive about this, its not just because I'm stressed, tired, not sleeping well, and I miss morgan. They really aren't there.

help anyone?

now im going to (finally) go to sleep (hopefully)