Saturday, October 07, 2006

the orginal!

This is the orginal picture i used to make my farie!
yes, its me...In pink.....

it was for halloween last year, god how i love irony..

for those who do not know me in person, i am pretty well into the Gothic subculture.

I won prizes, teachers didnt reconize me, all because i dressed like a NORMAL person. It was harlarious!!!!!


i wil fiddle with the colour a bit more maybe, but i like the blue idea

green better?

i didnt like the back ground that much - this is just a quick experement...i may do a swishy washy forest background later?

Friday, October 06, 2006

deviant art is evil

ok i am posting this picture here becaus deviant art is being a poo head and not working...

this is what i am currently working on with pohotoshop

i used a pic of myself for teh body - i may have made myself a lil slimmer, and made my neck a bit nicer...

but yeah


i will post it again when i have finished it completely, here and on deviant art

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sad kitten is lost in yarn!
why sad? because there is so much yarn, so little time....

i have more projects OTN that i 1st thaught..... So again no pictures yet.
I have a beanie i am making out of my own hand spunn, a nautie thingy from, you know the ones, the toys of the curly things.....anyway, that and a thin scarf and a heat pack (now being made for myself) and i am working on writing a pattern for my Pencil Case Hat, it needs working on.


the main thing i am working on right now is... A JUMPER! yes!! i will have more details and stuff later, but riight now i am too sleepy. I did not sleep at all ast night (thats why this is so early even though its school hols). So the grammer and spelling are even worse today, sorry about that.

i have been doing some more art on the computer to! Which will be posted up on my deviant art page later.
ummmmm what else

Oh yes THANK YOU Miss.P. for the fleece (it was all spunn up in less than two days) and the carders anhd everything!! i have been mixing fleece together and un-spinning some of my really chunky yarn i 1st spunnn that wasnt getting used. So yeah you are a life savor Miss.P. thank you! Oh and the green yarn is now a lovely cable head band and some left over for a matching pare of wrist warmers i think :3

anyhoo thats all for now