Monday, July 16, 2007


Im working on Moggy's riding gloves. The "classic riding gloves" in the latest Yarn issue. Made the nice band with cables, picked up stitches, worked the 10 rows as they say to, all good, then they say: Begin working from cable chart for the back of the hand...." etc....Chart? Oh not on my scans! Ill just get the book....chart chart chart...uh, not on teh next page....not in the back...



I mean sure i could knit it without the cables, i *guess*, but he likes them! and the number of stitches is made to have cables....and and and...grrr. There's no reference as to where they are either! No url, no page number. I even read teh rest of the pattern carefully to see if it was in one of the other directions. Not there! I am positive about this, its not just because I'm stressed, tired, not sleeping well, and I miss morgan. They really aren't there.

help anyone?

now im going to (finally) go to sleep (hopefully)


Denise said...

Oh crap, that's seriously annoying! Maybe have a look through the Yarn mag web site for 'errata'?

Denise said...

Yup, here's what they say on their Corrections page :

Issue 7 (July 2007)
Classic driving gloves (updated 12 July 2007)

The chart for the cables on the gloves was omitted from the printed pattern. We will be putting it online very soon -- sorry for the inconvenience!

Maybe you can put the stitches onto a holder, and start the second glove while you wait for the cable chart?

happyspider said...

ah jejune, you beat me to it. was just coming along to leave the same info...
hang in there othlon!

Othlon said...

huzzah, thank you MG and Yarn sister...i think the knitting other one while you wait is a good idea.

Taphophile said...

You've all saved me the trouble of looking on the Yarn site. It will be worth it Othlon - they are seriously gorgeous gloves.